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Ringtones and Alert Tones

All of these sound files are available for you to download in either standard “mp3” format, or  in “m4r” format for iOS devices. You can browse and listen to the various sets of ringtones and alert tones using the players on this page. For more information and to download any file, click here for the Ringtone category archive.

Now you can eliminate the awkward confusion when your email or text alert tones sound the same as people around you, and banish “Marimba” and other embarrassing ringtones forever. Pay homage to the glorious history of electromechanical communications by downloading these distinctive ring and alert tones today!

Phonetrips Remixed Ringtones

These mash-up ringtones were made with samples from Evan Doorbell’s historic library at Phonetrips.com.

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Phonetrips Remixed Alert Tones


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