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Captain Henry
Fluffy kitty cat, Henry Hudson, meditates in a padded captain’s chair.

Henry’s Earliest Days

Henry’s mother, Loretta, gave birth to two kittens in the basement of Don’s house in Wareham. When he discovered them, they were just a couple of weeks old. After Loretta didn’t return to care for her kittens, Don went down in the basement to look for them again. At first, Don could find only one kitten. Actually though, the kitten found Don! It proudly emerged from the nest of insulation Loretta had made and waddled up to Don, all the while crying out loudly to be rescued.

Don brought the kitten upstairs and tried to warm it up, but the crying continued even louder. This first kitten, whose name is Gunther, knew his brother was still downstairs and insisted that Don go back and find him.

When Don went back down in the basement, the other kitten was nowhere to be seen and it certainly wasn’t crying out like Gunther had! But when Don looked again, underneath Loretta’s hiding place, sure enough there was another little kitten. It was Henry!

Once Henry was upstairs too, Gunther stopped crying so loud because he knew his brother was safe, but it had been a while since Loretta provided the kittens with a meal. So, Don and Elmer bought some kitten formula and fed them with a tiny bottle.


Henry came to stay with Elmer on Oak Island

After traveling up from Wareham the previous night, Henry sits in the window hoping to catch a glimpse of the neighbor cats.